Farewell Dirka!

August 27, 2017

Tonight we just simply drink beers and bullshit with our brother Dirk.  He is leaving us to move back home and we are gonna miss him.  So we just pay tribute to a brother who grew up with beer on our podcast.  Love ya brother Dirka!


Episode #98 Biggun’s and Stuff

August 20, 2017

Well tonight we grabbed several big ass beers and got Terry out of his hungover funk.  Joe joins us again while Ray is still stuck at GITMO.  We are counting down to the biggy for 100 and trying not to get out to big of beers, but tonight we failed.  We had a few 10's.  We also have one of Wagner's beers and damn did he do alright with that one!  Listen up bitches and let us know when ya want to join us!


Episode #97 May The Thorton Be With You

August 13, 2017

Well this episode went just like it should have.  Ole Mr. Horton swings by and he's in fine form.  Nothing better than a beer drinking brother who's been drinking like a champion all day.  We try to make this a short episode for obvious reasons, however we talk about beer wars, which are coming soon, along with some upcoming episodes.  Life ain't bad on the Porch folks.  Shoutout to Ronny B and Darryl B for some great beers.  Remember, if you ain't drinking good beer, you're probalby just drinking piss from AB.


Episode #96 Good, Bad, N Beautiful

July 30, 2017

Tonight we start out tasting a bunch of old homebrews that we accidentaly let sit for 6 months.  Our fault as I'm sure they were great beers to start with.  Couple of them still worked out great.  Then we move on to some of our beers to right the ship if you will.  We play a combination of shitty music, good tunes, and stupid stories.  We also hit the most hated songs ever.  Good times that we end with a trifecta of our last 3 beers all mixed together.  We need to do more of that!  Thanks for listening and we'll see ya in a couple weeks fuckers!


Episode #95 It Just Blows Up

July 23, 2017

Tonight we have one hell of a big crowd.  Lisa finally gets back and she bring a friend Mario from California.  They bring some beers you wanna try.  Horton swings by again as the rest of the crew minus Garrett is here.  Yup 10 in studio for an eventful night of drinking beer.  Hell Dustin blows up a bottle and Dirka trips over another.  Good fun all around!


Episode #94 Small Crowd Fun

July 16, 2017

Tonight we have a small crowd, but that doesn't stop the fun we have. Horton and Tyler join us mid-podcast and it goes like you'd expect.  We give some love to Skidmore, West Liberty's low riders, athletics, injuries, and more shit than I can remember.  Sure we went long, but its a labor of love for us!  Thanks for listening!  


Episode #93 Chaos Ensues

July 9, 2017

Tonight we hit up a bunch of beer from NOLA and Michigan.  By a bunch I mean somewhere around 13 beers or more.  SO yeah, we roll through them quick and take lots of breaks cause Melvin has probably chewed through more cables than we can count.  Either way, it's all fucked up and we had a blast doing it!  Sudden stop at the end tho!


Episode #92 Joe n Purdy

June 25, 2017

Tonight we had Erik Purdy and Joe Collins sit in for another crazy ass podcast.  We talk about way too much to mention, but some of the low lights are bath salts, soapbox derby racing, sci-fi novels, murder mysteries, shitty beer, we call Stinky, mention some cheating bastards, and get busy drinking the beer you wish you could!


Episode #91 Ron’s Work Beers

June 11, 2017

Tonight we drink a few beers Ron found while on work trips.  Tons of great beers and one out of Terry's fridge.  We drop a few hints and several shout outs.  Anybody ever had a beer that made ya flinch?   Well we had a few of those tonight.  Listen up and holler cause we love hearing from you crazy shits!


Episode #90 Boynton Times

June 4, 2017

Tonight we bring back our old friends the Boynton's for yet another crazy adventre into beerland!  Sure we try some of their beers from their East Coast Trip, but we toss in several of our killer beers to steady the ship!  Good times and craziness follow as you might expect!  Listen up and win a new car!