Episode #118 THe Big Night

July 15, 2018

SO tonight we had a full house (9 of us) and we have a ton of beers.  Some big boys and a ton of IPAs at the begining.  Hey if ya put coconut on your label try putting it in your beer!  Summer has had us busy, but things are slowing down enough for us to get back in the studio.  Well that means we have some pent up emotions that we kill eachother.  THere is a bit of fun in that though!  Grab a beer and hold on!


Episode #117 We Back Bitches

June 24, 2018

OK so yeah we been gone a long time only because we still put family first.  However tonight we just dive back into beer life and bullshit.  Yeah that's what we do.  Beer, ball, and bullshit.  So grab a cold one and listen up as we screw up and have a grand old time.  


Episode #116 Ben Dover

April 29, 2018

SO tonight we decided to have a few beer and talk about them online.  My new drummer Ben Roberson sits in with us for some beers and we piss with him right out of the gate, but then get to what he likes.  Some great pales and IPAs followed by stouts.  Its a typical night were we talk about beers, Dustin's trip to Milwaukee, Miles getting some ass, and bands.  You should probably listen.  


Episode #115 QC Invasion

April 22, 2018

Tonight we finally get back in the studio.  We had 3 of our favorites QC peeps join us for this chaotic mess.  It was random night as the basket of beers was nuts!  Well that basket had some serious killer beers!  Listen up and put on your big girl panites, cause yer gonna need em!  Holy hell!


Bourbon Chatter #2 Faves

March 31, 2018

So tonight Bob and Gene swing into the studio for another round of bourbon bliss.  This time we decided to bring in some of our favorites.  Now remember we have a billion favorites, so narrowing that down was almost impossible.  However, we think you may like some of our picks.  Buffalo Trace distillery was well represented if I must say so.  Listen up and please send us your feedback.  Cheers!


Episode #114 Gone 2 Shit

March 25, 2018

So tonight while we may have been away for a while, we certainly came back with a boom!  Yeah, Mike and Garrett both ruined their undies while we drank great beers for the most part.  We hit a bunch of IPAs and a special early release sour beer.  Be sure to listen up and hey we'd love to have ya come drink with us.  All that being said tonight we had some great beers.  Yeah I know we always do, but we are lucky like that!  BBP 4 Life.  


Episode #113 Birthday baby!

March 4, 2018

So tonight we work on drinking some IPAs, but we end up with whatever beers we end up having.  Yeah its sometimes a crazy life, but we have lots of fun drinking crazy good beers.  SO grab your fave and settle in and listen up.  We are gonna drink beers you should look for!  Cheers and ya want a beer?


Episode #112 IPA Night

February 25, 2018

So tonight we decided to have an all IPA night and the boys brought in a ton of great one.  ReUnion, Triptych, Barn Town, and probably some others that I can't remember.  Good fun and good arguements about potholes and stuff.  


Bourbon Chatter #1 Bonded

February 16, 2018

Here we go bourbon lovers.  Tonight we start this ride by trying a few Bottled in Bond bourbons.  We discuss a lot of the history and finer points of this type of bourbons.  We taste 4 of them including: Very Old Barton, Old Fitzgerald, Henry McKenna, and E H Taylor.  We hope you listen up and give us some feedback.  Cheers!


Episode #111 Hoppin’

February 11, 2018

So tonight we had some killer beers and things werer Hoppin'.   Yeah, like Hoppin Frog type hopping!  We had tons of great beers and, well none, that sucked ass.  Yea Mike may have dropped some ass, but we did a whole night of Hoppin Frog beers with some kill extras.  You should listen cause we give away a Bourbon County Stout.