Episode #91 Ron’s Work Beers

June 11, 2017

Tonight we drink a few beers Ron found while on work trips.  Tons of great beers and one out of Terry's fridge.  We drop a few hints and several shout outs.  Anybody ever had a beer that made ya flinch?   Well we had a few of those tonight.  Listen up and holler cause we love hearing from you crazy shits!


Episode #90 Boynton Times

June 4, 2017

Tonight we bring back our old friends the Boynton's for yet another crazy adventre into beerland!  Sure we try some of their beers from their East Coast Trip, but we toss in several of our killer beers to steady the ship!  Good times and craziness follow as you might expect!  Listen up and win a new car!


Episode #89 We Back Bitches

May 21, 2017

Tonight we finally get back to podcasting.  Horton swings by midway through as we get running with some great freaking beers.  We miss Ron and Lisa, but she was still able to bring beers.  Long podcast with some crazy ass good beers which we screw up, but that's sort of what we do.  Listen up and enjoy a beer.  We'd love to have ya sit in!


Episode #88 Sunday Sunday Sunday

April 30, 2017

Here we go missing Lisa and Dustin, but not to worry, we found a couple beers.  Ron Behymer wanted one of these beers, but he chose not to try the #9 strong ale in the world.  We dive head first into Wagner's first ever lager and compare it to a commercial example.  We also hit a few killer beers that you really want to try.  Listen up and hey The Beerists podcast, we mention you guys.  Thanks for doing what you do!


Episode #87 MarkO Polo

April 23, 2017

Tonight Mark and Jon sit in with us as we try some beers Ron B brought us and a few the boys brought.  We are missing 5 of our normal crew, so we went looking for them by playing MarkO Polo.  As luck would have it we found Marco and Jon.  Close enough we figured, so off we go on a beer adventure!  


Episode #86 Here Piggy Piggy

April 9, 2017

Tonight we drink a few beers and we talk about stupid shit.  I would suggest you grab a cold one and snuggle up with a blanky and enjoy this shit!


Episode #85 Just Listen

March 26, 2017

Yeah we don't have anything funny to say about kick ass beer, so just listen bitches.  We hit couple beers from the Twin Cities and Ohio.  Then we roll into Illinois and Boston.  Yup, the beers are killer and Dustin and Garrett get into a knock down drag out fight cause Garrett deducted .25 off a beer.  Funny shit.  Dirk sleeps through the whole thing and Garrett learns to use drops.  Ray's back from filming and Ron keeps farting.  Typical night podcasting.


Episode #84 Whiskey in the Jar

March 17, 2017

Tonight we step off the porch and into the den.  We spend our St. Patty's Day drinking whiskey!  13 different whiskeys later we found about 13 we liked!  Who would have known?  Great times as we tried something new.  We will be doing that again folks!  Damn!


Episode #83 Lisa’s beers

March 12, 2017

Tonight we had a bit of a change of plans, so we crammed for beers.  Well when we cram for beers good things tend to pop out.  We have some GIANTS!  Ray, Ron, and Mike are missing due to some video filming stuff, so we carry on.  Good times as we storm chasing, thanks to MDR, Wake Brewing, Contrary, our Wine friends like Bonnie Neeld, and to many others to mention!  Listen up and hold on cause it gets nuts!


Episode #82 Shitter Sex

March 5, 2017

Tonight we learn a few things about reproductive optinos.  We mention Bones, birthdays, softball, golfing, hangovers, shitty mic cables, and the worlds best beers.  We seem to hit a bunch of Illinois beers tonight and like always we loved them.  We just had the regular crew in Studio tonight, but that didn't stop it from getting interesting.  BTW, we talk about an upcoming bourbon night.