Episode #110 The Wolfs

January 28, 2018

Here we go we finally get Josef and Kelly down to a podcast.  We try some great beers tonight.  Sours, stouts, and barleywines.  Yes you heard me right, all 3 styles.  Some fun stuff and we ended with a Belgian Strong Ale in overtime.  Good talk, good beer, and good times.  We love beers and people, so you should come visit us on a cast!


Bourbon Podcast Test

January 27, 2018

Hello there bourbon enthusiasts!  Here at Back Porch Productions we are giving you a totally bourbon podcast.  This is our very first test run where we appeal to you, our listeners, for direction.  We are going to cover all things bourbon from the history to the drinking.  Listen up and please give us input.  Thanks,  Bob, Gene, and Terry.


Episode #109 Wagner What?

January 21, 2018

So we were supposed to have a different guest tonight, but old Mr. Wagner decided to swing in for an appearance.  Glad to have him back.  We hit a ton of beers tonight starting with our home town brewery Contrary.  Good stuff and shitty drops, but hey that's what we do.  Damn this is fun!


Episode #108 Roof is on Fire

January 14, 2018

SO tonight during the podcast Terry's neighbors had a fire at their house resulting in the FD and PD showing up and blocking streets.  Didn't matter though cause we had a shit ton of killer beers and tons of stupid shit to talk about.  Honestly we had some YouTube videos and other shit that happened.  Listen up and hey sit in on our podcast.  We will provide the GOOD beer!  


Episode #107 Messin’ wit Garrett

January 7, 2018

Tonight we have a small crowd, but that didn't stop us from messing with Garrett.  We dive into some great beers and we mess with eachother pretty hardcore.  It's what we do people!  Good fun with just us and living with quality beers.  


Episode #106 Natural Oil

December 19, 2017

Here we go guys.  This episode is just Mike and Ron with the band.  Be sure to listen in and you can hear the guys try several styles of beer and then the band busts out a few killer tunes.  I will tell you that I want to have the band back!  See ya in 2018!  Cheers!


Episode #105 Cluster Fuck

December 10, 2017

Alright so we started off all sorts of fucked up, but we have great beers and that seems to make all things better.  We hit some politics, Mike shits his pants, Ron and Horton show up late, but we have a hell of a good time!  Oh yeah we also had some kick ass beers!


Episode #104 Boynton Beers

November 19, 2017

This episode we welcome back favorite guest Mike Boynton and 6 of his beers from abroad.  OK, his wife Jamie picked them up on a trip out east, but we rated them and gave her some shit along the way.  We are also joined by newby Travis Munson and our favorite brother in blue Horton.  Dustin and Ray provide the night cap beers and we talk about the Lionstone tap takeover at Pete's Tap in Muscatine.  Listen in folks and be good to your pets!


Episode #103 Mikerphone Night

November 12, 2017

Boys we dive straight into Mikerphone Brewery's entire beer list.  We review 9 of their fine beers then we follow with a Funky Budda beer that will melt you.  Thanks to Horton for sitting in.  I'll be honest that tonight was a killer night as we had a theme.  Chance to win a free T-shirt.


Episode #102 Just a drunkin’ mess

November 5, 2017

So tonight we grab a few buddies and we just enjoy all that is Just another night of being an adult.  Grab yourself and let's do what adults do.  Listen up and enjoy our podcast while we behave like asshats.